Muggy Plains
Lizard Zaogun.gif
Near City: Farmine
Location: East of Farmine's mountain; south of the Dragonblaze Peaks.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Profit Hourly



See also: Hunting Places.

The Zao Steppe is a rugged terrain that receives little rain yet is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. By some definitions is is not strictly a steppe since it still has trees, but their growth is greatly stunted to the lack of rain and it can be assumed the whole land will turn into a desert if there continues to be little rain.

To the west are mountains that contain the underground base, Farmine, a distant castle-like building that is rumoured to be haunted, and a somewhat hidden tribe of Cavemen higher in the mountain. To the north are the Dragonblaze Peaks, home to several different types of dragons; and beyond that is the Muggy Plains. To the southeast is an area that has not yet become a steppe and still contains some fertile ground. To the south is the ocean.

Native creatures like the Sandcrawler and Insect Swarms can be found everywhere in the steppe. Gnarlhounds are ususally near their caves but are still seen in the company of orcs or wandering freely. Terror Birds are not as common but can be found at various location along the ocean line. Terramites, Lancer Beetles, and Wailing Widows are only seen by their respective homes underground.
Besides the natives, foreigners have moved in to claim the land. Orcs have founded bases in the middle and in the northwest corner of the steppe. They also have set up siege against a Lizard stronghold, Zzaion, in the fertile lands in the southeast. The Orcs reside in their respective camps but they have many scouts that wander their perimeters, including the formidable Orc Marauders who patrol around the siege camps but have been known to chase enemies across the entire steppe.
The ongoing fight between the lizards of Zzaion the the orcs erupts about once a week when the orcs breach the gate and the lizards try to repel them. The lizards are always accompanied by one of their great leaders, so be extra cautious during such a raid.
The dragons who live in the northern peaks do not make their way down to the step, but their are a few who live on the ground level and can find their way out to the steppe, so be careful.

Zao Steppe NPCs Editar

Creatures in Zao Steppe Editar

Sandcrawler Sandcrawler.gif 20 30 250/250 0-6 gp, Sandcrawler Shell (semi-rare).
Insect Swarm Insect Swarm.gif 40 50 --/275 nothing (disappears when killed).
Gnarlhound Gnarlhound.gif 60 198 465/465 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Worm, Shaggy Tail.
Terror Bird Terror Bird.gif 150 300 490/490 0-30 gp, 0-3 Worms, 0-3 Meat, Terrorbird Beak, Colourful Feather, Health Potion (semi-rare), Seeds (semi-rare), Feather Headdress (rare).
Terramite Terramite.gif 160 365 505/505 0-23 gp, Terramite Legs (semi-rare), Terramite Eggs (semi-rare), Terramite Shell (rare).
Dragon Dragon.gif 700 1000 --/-- 0-110 gp, 0-3 Dragon Ham, 0-12 Burst Arrow, Steel Shield, Crossbow, Dragon's Tail, Longsword (semi-rare), Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Broadsword (semi-rare), Plate Legs (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Dragon Hammer (rare), Green Dragon Leather (rare), Green Dragon Scale (rare), Serpent Sword (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Dragon Shield (very rare), Dragonbone Staff (very rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Life Crystal (very rare).

Centipede Centipede.gif 34 70 335/335 0-17 gp, Centipede Leg.
Gnarlhound Gnarlhound.gif 60 198 465/465 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Worm, Shaggy Tail.
Terramite Terramite.gif 160 365 505/505 0-23 gp, Terramite Legs (semi-rare), Terramite Eggs (semi-rare), Terramite Shell (rare).
Lancer Beetle Lancer Beetle.gif 275 400 --/670 0-124 gp, Lancer Beetle Shell, Poisonous Slime, Lump of Dirt (semi-rare), Beetle Necklace (rare), Small Amethyst (very rare).
Wailing Widow Wailing Widow.gif 450 850 --/-- 0-128 gp, Mana Potion, Health Potion, Green Mushroom, Plate Shield, Widow's Mandibles(semi-rare), Zaoan Halberd (rare), Wailing Widow's Necklace (very rare).

Orc Orc.gif 25 70 300/300 0-14 gp, Meat, Studded Armor, Studded Helmet, Studded Shield, Sabre, Axe, Old and Used Backpack (only in Ulderek's Rock), Orc Leather, Orc Tooth (very rare).
Orc Spearman Orc Spearman.gif 38 105 310/310 0-11 gp, Meat, Spear, Studded Helmet, Studded Legs, Orc Leather, Machete, Dirty Fur, Orc Tooth (very rare).
Orc Warrior Orc Warrior.gif 50 125 360/360 0-15 gp, Broken Helmet, Chain Armor, Meat, Orc Leather (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (rare), Skull Belt (rare), Copper Shield (very rare), Poison Dagger (very rare).
War Wolf War Wolf.gif 55 140 --/420 0-2 Ham, Wolf Paw (rare), Wolf Trophy (very rare), Warwolf Fur.
Gnarlhound Gnarlhound.gif 60 198 465/465 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Worm, Shaggy Tail.
Orc Marauder Orc Marauder.gif 205 235 --/490 0-83 gp, Meat, Orcish Axe, Orc Leather, Bow, Crossbow, Obsidian Lance, Broken Crossbow, Shaggy Tail (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (semi-rare), Silkweaver Bow (very rare).

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