Wrestling is a game of skill, strength and speed that can be played by any number of players (usually only 2), and can be played almost anywhere.

The goal of wrestling is to "push" your opponent over a boundary line, out of a circle, or into a pitfall, depending upon where the game is played.
If wrestling in one of the existing arenas (the arena Venore seems to be most appropriate for this), then there is no setup necessary. If you wish to wrestle in another location, then a circle, square, or playing field needs to be established.
For an example, in the following "home-made" arena, the players would start on the red squares, and they would each try to "push" the other player onto one of the yellow spaces.
Parcel Parcel Parcel Parcel Parcel Parcel
Parcel Parcel Parcel Parcel Parcel Parcel
A wrestling match is usually played in three rounds. For each round, a "referee" will tell the players to begin, then they will try to "push" eachother out of bounds.
The round will continue until one player is pushed out of bounds, across a pre-set boundary line, or into a pitfall (like in the Venore arena).
Each round is over when one player is pushed out of bounds. The other player wins a point.
After three rounds, the player with the most points wins.

For a complete set of rules and more information, see Wikipedia's article on Wrestling.

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