Wand of Starstorm Wand of Starstorm
It is sparkling with universal energy.
Used by: Sorcerers of level 37 or higher.
Damage: Average 65 Energy Damage per turn.
Weight: 25.50 oz
Mana per shot: 13
Range: 3 sqm
Buy from: Alexander (Edron)

Fenech (Ankrahmun)
Frederik (Liberty Bay)
Asima (Darashia)
Tandros (Port Hope)
Romir (Svargrond)
Chuckles (Yalahar)

Rabaz (Farmine)
Price: 5,000 - 18,000 gp
Sell to: Haroun (Blue Djinn Fortress) 3600 gp
Dropped by: Madareth, Massive Energy Elemental, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Wyrm.
Notes: Provides 3 squares of white light. Very good to hunt creatures weak aganist Energy damage, like War Golem since they drop very good loot. This is the new wand brought in the Summer Update 2008.
See also: Complete list of Wands and Rods.

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