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Wand of Inferno Wand of Inferno
It unleashes the very fires of hell.
Used by: Sorcerers of level 33 or higher.
Damage: Average 65 Fire Damage per turn.
Weight: 27.00 oz
Mana per shot: 13
Range: 3 sqm
Buy from: Alexander (Edron) 15,000 gp

Asima (Darashia) 15,000 gp
Tandros (Port Hope) 15,000 gp
Fenech (Ankrahmun) 15,000 gp

Chuckles (Yalahar) 15,000 gp
Price: 2,500 - 10,000 gp
Sell to: Haroun (Blue Djinn Fortress) 3,000 gps.
Dropped by: Dragon, Efreet, Enlightened of the Cult, Hellfire Fighter, Wyvern, Draken Spellweaver, Hand of Cursed Fate.
Notes: The Wand of Inferno (WOI) is now the 3rd best wand for sorcerers due to the 8.2 major game update, where the Wand of Starstorm and the Wand of Voodoo now have a higher attack rate than this one. Although this wand deals massive damage, some creatures are immune to fire. The damage of WOI is 56-74. Provides 3 squares of yellow light.

Wands of Inferno replaced Ritual Wand Ritual Wands in Update 7.6.

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Needed for Mage Outfits Quest (male) and Summoner Outfits Quest (female).
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See also: Complete list of Wands and Rods.

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