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{{Infobox_NPC| | name =Valentina | flavortext = | job =Shopkeeper | location =Greenshore (North of Thais, south of the Tibianic) |) | buysell =yes | buys =Nothing | sells =
Plants and Herbs
Flower Bouquet 20 gp
Valentine's Cake 30 gp
Documents and Papers
Valentine's Card 5 gp
Present 10 gp
Heart Backpack 500 gp (Only one per character.)


Truelove Teddy 1000 gp (Only one per character.)
| quests = | notes =Valentina is a mother, a grandmother and a housewife and also sells items for your beloved.
She appeared on Valentine's Day in 2008 and in 2009, she was also there on 16th then to
sell Heart Backpacks. |}}

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