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Travora is a new island which was introduced in the autumn patch of 2009. It is officially announced here. This island can be reached from any City except Rookgaard. It is located south of the Tutorial Island and north of Meluna. It is the starting point if you want to transfer to another game world, a new functionality which was added in the autumn patch too. There is a depot on Travora, where you can store items which you want to take with you on your trans-world journey.

NPCs Editar

Travora NPCs (3 NPCs) Editar

Name Trans Job Buy/Sell Location
Captain Tiberius Archivo:Captain Tiberius.gif Ship Captain no Travora.
Elgar Archivo:Elgar.gif Banker, Postman yes Travora.
Sharon Archivo:Sharon.gif World Transfer Guide no Travora.