These tools look useful but usually aren't.

Tools (Objects) Editar

Name Walkable Attributes Notes
Anvil Anvil no Unknown. A smith can use this to forge metal into Weapons or more peaceful tools like Scythes.
Bellow Bellow no Unknown. Part of a 'construction', see also: Crucible, Steaming Hot Lava, Mould.
Block of Wood Block of Wood no Unknown. A woodcutter left his Axe in a tree stump.
Buffer Stop Buffer Stop no Found at the end of a track, so Ore Wagons won't derail.
Coal Coal no Not really useful to a player, you cannot move or take the pile. You can also find piles that are a little bit bigger.
Crucible Crucible no Unknown. Part of a 'construction', see also: Bellow, Steaming Hot Lava, Mould.
Crystal Crystal no Unknown. Smaller version of the Large Crystal.
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook yes You can't move/take it. Exposed in Raymond Striker's House on Meriana. There are a few of them laying on the floor of the boat south of Captain Breezelda's boat in Svargrond, however you cannot take nor move them. They are also seen on third floor of the Rookgaard Academy.
Hawser Hawser yes You can't move/take it. None.
Horn Horn no Plays purple musical notes when used. Looks the same as a Cornucopia and a War Horn.
Large Crystal Large Crystal no Unknown.
Mould Mould no Unknown.
Muzzle Muzzle no Unknown. It is usually placed on a stone pillar and has Steaming Hot Lava poring out of it.
Pile of Chopped Wood Pile of Chopped Wood no
Spell Rune Spell Rune no Not movable. Heals 250 hp from the target which can be you or someone near you. There isn't level nor magic level requirement to use this rune.
Despite being in the druid's hut, all vocations may use this rune.
Spider Egg Spider Egg no Spider Eggs are eggs involved by spider silk that are very fragile and will break when attacked. They will either release nothing, a Spider, a Poison Spider, or on rare times a Tarantula and in extremely rare times a Giant Spider will be released. Spiders that are summoned by these eggs can walk very far and they wont puff nor will puff after many hours.
To break the Spider Egg, simply "use" the egg. See breaking statistics.

Spider Victim Spider Victim yes Unknown.
Spider Web Spider Web no Unknown. You can destroy it with any melee weapon or with a firebug. It restores back in 60 seconds.
Steaming Hot Lava Steaming Hot Lava no Unknown. Supposedly hot.
The Remains of a Spider Egg The Remains of a Spider Egg no Unknown.
Wood (Bundle) Wood (Bundle) no Not really useful to a player, you cannot move or take the bundle. You can also find bundles that are a little bit bigger.
Wooden Planks Wooden Planks Unknown. Although these appear leaning against walls, you can only look at them by looking at the ground near the wall.

See also other Objects.

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