The Tibia Tomes are a special collection of books, written by ancient wizards. They hold some of the mystic secrets of Tibia. Although the red and purple tomes are still currently lootable, the other three colors have been very scarce and are extremely expensive to purchase, found in hands of collectors in old worlds, like Antica, Nova and Eternia. The Tome of Knowledge is a new item and was added with the Christmas Update 2009. This tome can be found in a few places around the area of Zao and is only really valuable to those players who collect them, as part of a quest.

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Tomes Editar

Name Trans.gif Attributes Weight Dropped By
Red Tome Red Tome.gif 19.00 oz Warlock, Infernalist, Ferumbras, Morgaroth.
Purple Tome Purple Tome.gif 19.00 oz Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth
Grey Tome Grey Tome.gif 19.00 oz
Green Tome Green Tome.gif 19.00 oz None
Blue Tome Blue Tome.gif 19.00 oz Ghazbaran
Tome of Knowledge Tome of Knowledge.gif 15.00 oz None.

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