Spit Nettle
Near City: Port Hope
Location: West of Ankrahmun, South West of Darashia, All around Port Hope.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Knights: 35 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 35 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 35 ML: :Arm/Set
North Tiqanuda
Knights: 35 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 35 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 35 ML: :Arm/Set
South Tiqanuda
Knights: 35 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 35 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 35 ML: :Arm/Set
North East Tiqanuda
Knights: 50 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 45 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 45 ML: :Arm/Set
South East Tiqanuda
Knights: 50 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 45 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 45 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly



See also: Hunting Places.

Tiquanda is the jungle side of the Daramanian continent. It is located across the Kha'zeel mountains, west of Ankrahmun and southwest of Darashia, (here). The river Mahaji flows through the jungle to the west coast where the city of Port Hope lies.

While the whole of the jungle abounds with much flora and fauna the center of Tiquanda, known as the Baksha, is very dense with old Giant Trees that are covered with lianas and many colorful plants, mushrooms, bushes, and fruit trees and even the occasional Ant Trail leading to Ant-Hills.

There are rumours about a city, inhabited by apes (Sibang, Kongra, Merlkin), called Banuta, in the north of the jungle, and about a race called "Dworcs" (Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster) and even a few Crypt Shamblers in the southern jungle area called Trapwood. Be very cautious for you may be trapped by the many plants and trees in Tiquanda and may die.

There are also stories about lizards (Lizard Sentinel, Lizard Templar, Lizard Snakecharmer), living in a city to the far east of the jungle, near the Ankrahmun desert.

Moreover, even the brave Dwarves have made a small camp in middle-east part of Tiquanda and are planning expeditions to explore it.

Throughout the whole jungle there are a lot of creatures including Centipedes, Carniphilas, Flamingos, Crabs, Pandas, Slimes, Crocodiles, Hunters, Elephants, Terror Birds, Tarantulas, Spit Nettles and even the feared Hydra!

The area has an Amazon Rainforest based theme.

Creatures in Tiquanda Editar

There are many creatures throughout Tiquanda on the surface and below. Listed below are specific Hunting Places and general creatures found on the surface. The more powerful creatures are located mostly in the south and far east.

Butterfly (Blue) Butterfly (Blue) 0 2 --/-- Nothing.
Butterfly (Purple) Butterfly (Purple) 0 2 --/-- Nothing.
Butterfly (Red) Butterfly (Red) 0 2 --/-- Nothing.
Flamingo Flamingo 0 25 250/250 Downy Feather.
Bat Bat 10 30 250/250 Bat Wing (rare).
Cave Rat Cave Rat 10 30 250/250 0-2 gp, 0-3 Worms, Cheese, Cookie (very rare).
Snake Snake 10 15 205/205 Nothing.
Spider Spider 12 20 210/210 0-5 gp, Spider Fangs (rare).
Wolf Wolf 18 25 255/255 0-2 Meat, Worm, Wolf Paw (rare).
Bug Bug 18 29 250/250 0-6 gp, 0-3 Cherries (semi-rare).
Spit Nettle Spit Nettle 20 150 --/-- 0-5 gp, Nettle Spit, Shadow Herb, 0-2 Sling Herb, Grave Flower (semi-rare), Seeds (semi-rare), Nettle Blossom (semi-rare), Stone Herb (very rare).
Poison Spider Poison Spider 22 26 270/270 0-4 gp, Poison Spider Shell (rare).
Panda Panda 23 80 300/300 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Bamboo Stick.
Wasp Wasp 24 35 280/280 Honeycomb (Semi-rare).
Swamp Troll Swamp Troll 25 55 320/320 0-5 gp, Fish, Spear, Torch, Leather Boots, Swamp Grass (rare), Fishing Rod (very rare), Troll Green (very rare), Medicine Pouch (very rare).
Crab Crab 30 55 305/305 0-10 gp, Fish, Crab Pincers.
Cobra Cobra 30 65 275/275 Cobra Tongue (semi-rare).
Centipede Centipede 34 70 335/335 0-17 gp, Centipede Leg.
Tiger Tiger 40 75 420/420 0-4 Meat, Striped Fur.
Crocodile Crocodile 40 105 350/350 0-10 gp, Ham, Piece of Crocodile Leather, Crocodile Boots (very rare).
Smuggler Smuggler 48 130 390/390 0-10 gp, 0-2 Torch, Ham, Knife, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Short Sword, 0-5 Raspberries (semi-rare), Combat Knife (semi-rare), Sword (semi-rare), Deer Trophy (very rare).
Hunter Hunter 150 150 --/530 0-22 Arrows, 0-2 Oranges, 0-2 Rolls, Brass Helmet, Bow, 0-3 Burst Arrows, Hunter's Quiver, 0-4 Poison Arrow, Bow (semi-rare), Torch (semi-rare), Brass Armor (semi-rare), Dragon Necklace (rare), Wolf Trophy (very rare), Lion Trophy (very rare), Sniper Gloves (very rare), Small Ruby (very rare), Deer Trophy (very rare), Slingshot (very rare).
Carniphila Carniphila 150 255 --/-- 0-37 gp, Corncob, Carniphila Seeds, Sling Herb, Shadow Herb, Grave Flower, Dark Mushroom, Seeds (rare).
Terror Bird Terror Bird 150 300 490/490 0-30 gp, 0-3 Worms, 0-3 Meat, Terrorbird Beak, Colourful Feather, Health Potion (semi-rare), Seeds (semi-rare), Feather Headdress (rare).
Slime (Creature) Slime (Creature) 160 150 --/-- Nothing (turns into a pool of slime).
Elephant Elephant 160 320 500/500 0-4 Meat, 0-3 Ham, 0-2 Tusk (rare), Tusk Shield (very rare).
Crypt Shambler Crypt Shambler 195 330 --/580 0-55 gp, 0-10 Worms, Bone (semi-rare), Half-Digested Piece of Meat (semi-rare), Rotten Meat (rare), Iron Helmet (rare), 0-3 Throwing Stars (rare), Bone Shield (rare), Two Handed Sword (rare), 0-2 Small Diamonds (rare), Bone Sword (rare).
Hydra Hydra 2100 2350 --/-- 0-250 gp, 0-1 Cucumber, Hydra Head, 0-4 Ham, Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Knight Armor (rare), Warrior Helmet (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Hydra Egg (rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Strong Mana Potion (very-rare), Medusa Shield (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare).

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