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A fansite to watch others play and broadcast yourself

Tibiacast is a fairly new fansite made by Alexander Mihajlović and John Högberg. The main feature of the fansite is broadcasting your hunts live, and watching the broadcasts of others. After signing up on their forum, you will have to download a small program (~500 KB) and use your Tibia client to let it work. Like TibiCam, this program is not officially supported by CipSoft due to their hardline policy on not supporting any kind of third party software, but they have not officially denounced it either.

When viewing someone else's broadcast you can view the Server Log Channel and thus see their hits and loot (which can be used to make loot statistics), in addition to the players regular channels and private messages if the broadcasting player has let you view those. There is also an extra channel called "Tibiacast" in which you may chat with the broadcaster and other viewers. Be aware that just like with TibiCam your Automap gets updated when you watch a broadcast, so if you're someone that likes exploring things on your own, this might be considered negative.

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