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Reward: Ability to trade with Black Bert and one of the following items: a Modified Crossbow, a Spellbook of Warding or an Assassin Dagger.
Location: Thais, Carlin, Outlaw Camp, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Dark Cathedral
Level required: 0
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Ghouls, Elephants, Smugglers, Bandits, Tarantulas, Assassins, Dark Monks, Witchs, Wild Warriors, Ghosts, Mummys, Slimes, Dark Apprentices, Dark Magicians, Monks, Demon Skeletons, Stone Golems, Bonelords, Nomads, Hunters, maybe lured Giant Spider(s).
Legend: An underground guild has formed under Thais. Join them by talking to Dorian and learn some of their tricks.
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