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Also known as: Demon Hunter Outfits Quest
Reward: Demon Hunter Outfit and addons Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 3 Outfit Demon Hunter Female Addon 3, Blessing of the Inquisition and Emerald Sword, Hellforged Axe, Obsidian Truncheon, Warsinger Bow, Royal Crossbow, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Master Archer's Armor, Fireborn Giant Armor or Robe of the Underworld.
Location: Various, starts in Thais
Level required: 100(for the last mission only)
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Juggernauts, Lost Souls, Dark Torturers, Demons, Behemoths, Hellfire Fighters, Ungreez, The Ruthless Seven Minions, Undead Dragons, Hellhounds, The Count, Massive Water Elementals, Quara Predators, Quara Pinchers, Quara Hydromancers, Hands of Cursed Fate, Massive Fire Elementals, Crystal Spiders, Nightmares, Giant Spiders Morgaroth and more monsters.
Legend: The bravest tibian players are called to free Tibia from all evil Demons.
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