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Also known as: Svargrond Quest, Snow Quest, Nordic Shaman Quest, the ice islands quest
Reward: Access to the Krimhorn island, Helheim, Tyrsung, ability to use the dogsleds from Nibelor to Inukaya, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, including talking to the arena, boat and more NPCs. And the basic Norseman outfit!
Location: Svargrond
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: All ice islands creature, the cultists, and eventually a lot of demonic creatures
Legend: The jarl, Sven the Younger is not too keen in accepting new citizens in the barbarian settlement of Svargrond, and for that reason he will submit you to a few quests. If succeeded, you will be able to help the other barbarians that are in dire need of help.
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Required Equipment Editar


Befriending the MusherEditar

Ask Iskan about mission, buy or get a piece of Meat and then head to the south of where you had found the mammoth, find A Starving Dog, call him by "Sniffler" and then say "Meat". If green sparkles appear over his body, report back to Iskan.


Nibelor 1: Breaking the IceEditar

Remember to bring your pick for this part! Ask Iskan for passage and go north into a cave where you will find the shaman NPC Hjaern. Ask him for a mission. After he gives you it, go east and there will be 3 little cracks in the ice spread out by the large crack that runs north and south by the easternmost part of Nibelor. Each time you use the pick on a crack, several Chakoyas spawn. The holes will be cracked open when you use a pick on them, and they cannot be picked again until they close. It takes around 5 minutes for them to close. After using the pick on all three little cracks, head back to Hjaern and report about your mission.

  • The yellow dot with black outline is an ice crack:


Nibelor 2: Ecological TerrorismEditar

Go up the ramp that is beside Hjaern and ask Silfind for a mission. After talking with Silfind, you can now travel to Tyrsung via Buddel's boat. Silfind will ask you to travel to Port Hope to get ants from an ant-hill to perform ecological terrorism on some pirates on Tyrsung.

To return from Nibelor back to Svargrond, say "passage" to Nilsor.

Head to Tiquanda and go near the dworc spawn to find the Ant-Hill. One can be found here. Use the Jug on the hill.

Now head back to Svargrond and go to Buddel, the drunk sailor in southern Svargrond, and ask him to take you to Tyrsung. Be fore-warned that Buddel may take you to the wrong island because he is drunk. Also, be fore-warned that he will try and take a dwarven ring from you in exchange for passage. Unless you want to lose a dwarven ring, say "no" to his request. He will then ask for 50 gold.

Now go all the way to the southern shores where you find a hunter outpost filled with outlaws and a few Pirate Marauders. Note that the NPC Baltim, who resides in the northwest building in the camp, buys some of the loot you may find there. You will find a ship with a Pirate Cutthroat and 3 Smugglers inside. Go to the bottom deck where you will find 2 Pirate Buccaneers and 4 Smugglers and use the jug with the western mast:


Once you did it, report back to Silfind.

NOTE: If you lose the jug, you can buy another one from Silfind for a small fee of 1000 gold.

Nibelor 3: Artful SabotageEditar

After completing ecological terrorism, head back to Silfind. Ask Silfind for another mission and he will give you a Vial of Paint to use on some baby seals. Go back to Tyrsung and follow the shore from buddel south. There will be three reachable baby seals along the shore. Use the Vial of Paint on three of these seals, and then head back to Silfind again.
You see a baby seal. It is covered with paint.

NOTE: If you find one baby seal, you CAN paint that ONE seal, and then wait about 30 seconds and the paint will be gone; just repaint the same seal 3 times.


Nibelor 4: Berserk BreweryEditar

Talk to Siflind and ask him for another mission in which he will ask you for several items. The items are as follows: 5 Bat Wings, 4 Bear Paws, 3 Bonelord Eyes, 2 Fish Fins, and a Green Dragon Scale.

Nibelor 5: Cure the DogsEditar

Talk to Nilsor, the NPC that sends you back to Svargrond from Nibelor, and ask him about medicine. He will tell you that his dogs are sick and he needs someone to collect the ingredients for some medicine. He needs the spores of a giant glimmer cap mushroom , a hydra tongue, a fine sulphur, a waterskin with geyser water, a purple kiss blossom, a frostbite herb, and a part of the sun adorer cactus. As a reward for this mission you will be granted access to the Chakoya-inhabited settlement of Inukaya. After giving all the items to him, ask him about another mission and he will send you to Hjaern.

Receiving all the items: Note: There's a 5-minute interval on the "use" action of each required item. If you try to "use" the action, you will get the message "You might try again later."

Vial of Geyser WaterEditar

Buy the Nilsor's Waterskin for 25 gp from Nilsor.

  • Go to Svargrond and then head south to Buddel. Ask him to take you to Okolnir for 50 gold. Don't forget to say "no" when he asks you for a dwarven ring.
  • Alternatively, when you get off the boat and land in Okolnir, head immediately east around the mountain (not south towards the dragons), and you will find an Inactive Geyser hole at a dead end. Use Nilsor's Waterskin on it.

Frostbite HerbEditar

There are a few places to get this herb:

  • Go directly south from the mammoth you pushed in the barbarian test. There you will find what appears to be a waterfall -- levitate up 3 three times. Go directly south and enter a cave in the mountain. You will find a set of icy stairs leading down. Take the stairs and follow the path west and then north until you emerge from the mountain on a ledge. Collect the plant you find there using the kitchen knife. You will only meet Winter Wolves, 2-4 Mammoths and Penguins.
  • Directly south of the mammoth you pushed, levitate up 3 times. Follow the wall on the right side until you come to a ramp. There will be several Ice Golems. Follow this path and make a quick left and south. Go up this ramp and to end of road. Use the Kitchen Knife on the plant.
  • Another one can be found by going directly south from the mammoth you push in the barbarian test, there you will find what appears to be a waterfall, levitate up 3 three times. Head east then south following next level up till you'll see another spot to levitate up again. Here you find an assortment of Crystal Spiders, Ice Golems, and Wyverns. Follow this path as far west as you can go (It's shaped like a "m"), there you will find a place to levitate 1 more time (it looks like a waterfall again but only the north square of the waterfall can be levitated from). Go all the way north (Beware Ice Golems attacking from the nearby mountain).

Use the Kitchen Knife on the plant.

Hydra TongueEditar

Find Rose in the botanic shop, just a little south-east of the Venore boat. Buy a hydra tongue from her for 100 gp. While you are in Venore, it is recommended that you get a Spoon if you have not yet bought one.

Fine SulphurEditar

Use your Spoon on an inactive lava hole. You can find those in Goroma, in the Ancient Temple Fire Devil spawn, in the tunnel from Thais to Fibula, in the Maze of Lost Souls, and some other places. You can also find it in Cyclopolis, south on the first floor.

Part of the Sun Adorer CactusEditar

There are several Sun Adorer Cactuses in the town of Ankrahmun, but you only need one.

  • Go east of the boat and you will find the plant here. It will be easily recognizable because of the red flower it has. Use the Kitchen Knife on it to get a piece of it.
  • The second one is located slightly west of the north gate in the grass patch, here.

Spores of a Giant Glimmercap MushroomEditar

Go to Trapwood, by the river that divides Port Hope into south and north side. Keep to the south side and tail the river to the east until you find a very big mushroom called Giant Glimmer Cap Mushroom, here. Use a Spoon on it to collect its spores.

Purple Kiss BlossomEditar

Very close to the Giant Glimmer Cap Mushroom there are several Purple Kiss Bushes. Use a kitchen knife to harvest the blossom.

The Secret of HelheimEditar

Ask Hjaern for a mission. He will send you to Helheim. Get to Helheim via Buddel and go up the stairs to the south-east, go down the hole, where you will find mummies and ghouls, follow to the extreme south and go downstairs, then go west until you find another staircase, go down, follow to the south-east, go down, follow to the west, go downstairs and then go to the extreme north, in a small house. Enter the small house, kill the Braindeaths and step close to the skeleton. Report back to Hjaern.

Archivo:Necromancer Altar.png

The ContactmanEditar

Get out of Nibelor and go to the Svargrond Explorer's Society. Ask Lurik for the mission, go to Buddel and ask him to go to the raider camp. Get to the raider camp, follow to the north-east where you will find a staircase, go to the extreme north-west of that mountain until you find a staircase leading down, go to the south-west and cross the river, then follow to the extreme south where you find lots of barbarians. Near the southern most coastline, try looking for the NPC Nor. Ask him about Memory Crystal, when you retrieve it, go back to Lurik and deliver him the memory crystal. Wait five minutes and then ask him for another mission.

  • You can find the NPC Nor here:

Archivo:Npc nor.jpg

Formorgar Mines 1: The MissionEditar

You will have to find a NPC called "A Restless Soul". Prepare to face a lot of Novice of the Cults, a few Acolyte of the Cults and Adept of the Cults, some Mammoths, Ice Golems and Gargoyles. Once you find the ghost, open the skeleton just north of him where you will find a paper written "<the paper is old and tattered, you can only make out a signature:> Tylaf, apprentice of Hjaern". Once you obtained this paper, mines mission number 1 completed.

•Follow this path to reach the mines:


•Now follow this path to reach the ghost:


Formorgar Mines 2: GhostwhispererEditar

Go back to Hjaern and ask about Tylaf. He will enable you to speak with ghosts. That means you will be able to communicate with Tylaf's ghost in the Formorgar Mines. Mines Mission 2 completed.

Formorgar Mines 3: The SecretEditar

Go back to the Formorgar Mines and ask Tylaf about his story. He will tell that he has been captured and tortured by the cultists that were in the mines trying to melt down the ice from the Formorgar Glacier to revive old demons that were frozen when the frostheart spire had shattered. Once he tells you it all, go back to Hjaern and talk to him about mission.

Formorgar Mines 4: RetaliationEditar

Hjaern will show himself deeply displeased with the news, and will ask you to mark four obelisks in the deeper mines with the Frost Charm he gives you.

  • All four obelisks are located on the same floor level deep in the mines.
  • Take the same route you would for the first Formorgor Mine missions. On the second floor of the Mines, instead of taking the east passage towards the NPC, take the north passage all the way until it ends and follow it east until you find the ramp to go down a level.
  • Be very careful on this level, as you will encounter Enlightened of the Cults, Nightmares, Destroyers, Lost Souls and Crystal Spiders. Follow the passage west and then turn down the second south passage. Follow this passage until you come to the second west passage. At the entrance to the passage you will see another ramp. Go down.
  • Go north a few steps and then follow the west passage until you come across the next north passage. Continue north and then follow the right passage at the fork.
  • Here you will find a skeleton body, open it up and then go down the ramp twice. There will be a few Nightmares and Destroyers. This is the level with the obelisks you need to mark. 3 of them are in a diagonal line running northeast and the fourth towards the northwest corner. Be extremely carefull on this level as you will encounter many Nightmares, Destroyers, Plaguesmiths, Lost Souls, Demons and Behemoths. Make sure you are well supplied to fight these beasts.
  • Tip: At this level with the obelisks, always try to walk together/near the walls to avoid mass attacks from the monsters here. Don't walk so fast.
  • Follow the path at [Formorgar Mines 1: The Mission] from number 1 to 10. And when you reach the Mines follow this:


  • Every yellow dot with black outline is an obelisk:


Once all 4 obelisks are marked report back to Hjaern.


Iskan Part:

Player: hi

Iskan: Greetings.

Player: mission

Iskan: Well, one of the boys has run away. I think he got the scent of some beast. He's young and inexperienced so I can't blame the cub ...

Iskan: I would like you to see after him. He should be somewhere north west of the town. He is probably marking his territory so you should be able to find his trace. Are you willing to do that?

Player: Yes.

Iskan: That's surprising. Take a piece of meat. If you find the boy, feed it to him. That will give him enough strength and incentive to return to his pack ...

Iskan: Talk to him by calling his name 'Sniffler' and tell him you got meat for him. After he has eaten the meat, return here to talk to me about your mission.

Player: Sniffler

Player: Meat

A Starving Dog:' <munch>

Player: hi

Iskan: Greetings.

Player: mission

Iskan': You are a friend of mine and the boys now. I tell you something. If you ever need to go to the isle of Nibelor, just ask me for a passage.

Hjaern Part:

Player: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Hjaern: We could indeed need some help. These are very cold times. The ice is growing and becoming thicker everywhere ...

Hjaern: The problem is that the chakoyas may use the ice for a passage to the west and attack Svargrond ...

Hjaern: We need you to get a pick and to destroy the ice at certain places to the east. You will quickly recognise those spots by their unstable look ...

Hjaern: Use the pickaxe on at least three of these places and the chakoyas probably won't be able to pass the ice. Once you are done, return here and report about your mission.

Player: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Hjaern: The spirits are at peace now. The threat of the chakoyas is averted for now. I thank you for your help. Perhaps you should ask Silfind if you can help her in some matters.

Silfind part:

First Mission:

Player: hi

Silfind: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Silfind: I heard you have already helped our cause. Are you interested in another mission, even when it requires you to travel to a distant land?

Player: yes

Silfind: I am pleased to hear that. On the isle of Tyrsung foreign hunters have set up camp. They are hunting the animals there with no mercy. We will haveto find something that distracts them from hunting ...

Silfind: Take this jug here and travel to the jungle of Tiquanda. There you will find a race of wood eating ants called termites. Use the jug on one of their hills to catch some of them ...

Silfind: Then find someone in Svargrond that brings you to Tyrsung. There, release the termites on the bottom of a mast in the hull of the hunters' ship. If you are done, report to me about your mission.

Second Mission:

Player: hi

Silfind: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Silfind: Well done. The termites caused just the distraction that we needed. Are you ready for the

next step of my plan?

Player: yes

Silfind: Good! Now listen. To protect the animals there, we have to harm the profit of the hunters.

Therefor, I ask you to ruin their best source of earnings. Are you willing to do that?

Player: yes

Silfind: So let's proceed. Take this vial of paint. Travel to Tyrsung again and ruin as many pelts of baby seals as possible before the paint runs dry or freezes. Then return here to report about your mission.

Player: mission

Silfind: You saved the lives of many innocent animals. Thank you very much. If you are looking for another mission, just ask me.

Third Mission:

Silfind: Our warriors need a more potent yet more secure berserker elixir to fight our enemies. To brew it, I need several ingredients. The first things needed are 5 bat wings. Bring them to me and I'll tell you the next ingredients we need.

Player: mission

Silfind: Do you have the 5 bat wings I requested?

Player: yes

Silfind: That's just what I needed. The next items I need are 4 bear paws. Bring them here to learn about the next ingredients.

Player: mission

Silfind: Do you have the 4 bear paws I requested?

Player: yes

Silfind: They are in a good condition. The next items I need are 3 bonelord eyes. Bring them here to learn about the next ingredients.

Player: mission

Silfind: Do you have the 3 bonelord eyes I requested?

Player: yes

Silfind: You did a good job. The next items I need are 2 fish fins. Bring them here to learn about the next ingredient.

Player: mission

Silfind: Do you have the 2 fish fins I requested?

Player: yes

Silfind: You did a good job. The last item I need is a green dragon scale. Bring it here so I can finish the elixir.

Player: mission

Silfind: Do you have the green dragon scale I requested?

Player: yes

Silfind: Thank you very much. This will help us to defend Svargrond. But I heard young Nilsor is in dire need of help. Please contact him immediately.

Nilsor Part:

Player: hi

Nilsor: Greetings, traveller.

Player: mission

Nilsor: I am in dire need of help. A plague has befallen my dogs. I even called a druid of Carlin for

help but all he could do was to recommend some strong medicine ...

Nilsor: The thing is the ingredients of the medicine are extremely rare and some only exist in far

away and distant lands. If you could help me collecting the ingredients, I would be eternally grateful ...

Nilsor: Are you willing to help me?

Player: yes

Nilsor: A thousand thanks in advance. I need no less than 7 ingredients for the cure. You can ask me about each specifically ...

Nilsor: I need a part of the sun adorer cactus, a vial of geyser water, sulphur of a lava hole, a frostbite herb, a blossom of a purple kiss, a hydra tongue and spores of a giant glimmercap mushroom ...

Nilsor: Turn them in individually by talking about them to me. As soon as I obtained them all, talk to me about the medicine.

Player: Part of the sun adorer cactus

Nilsor: You will find this kind of cactus at places that are called deserts. Only an ordinary kitchen knife will be precise enough to produce the ingredient weneed. Do you have a part of that cactus with you?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: Vial of geyser water

Nilsor: You will need a specially prepared waterskin to collect the water. You can buy one from me ...

Nilsor: Use it on a geyser that is NOT active. The water of active geysers is far too hot. You can find inactive geysers on Okolnir. Do you have somegeyser water with you?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: Sulphur of a lava hole

Nilsor: I need fine sulphur of an inactive lava hole. No other sulphur will do. Use an ordinary kitchen spoon on an inactive lava hole. Do you have fine sulphurwith you?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: Frostbite herb

Nilsor: The frostbite herb is a local plant but its quite rare. You can find it on mountain peaks. You will need to cut it with a fine kitchen knife. Do you have a frostbite herb with you?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: Blossom of a purple kiss

Nilsor: The purple kiss is a plant that grows in a place called jungle. You will have to use a kitchen knife to harvest its blossom. Do you have a blossom of a purple kiss with you?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: Hydra tongue

Nilsor: The hydra tongue is a common pest plant in warmer regions. You might find one in a shop. Do you have a hydra tongue with you?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: Spores of a giant glimmercap mushroom

Nilsor: The giant glimmercap mushroom exists in caves and other preferably warm and humid places. Use

an ordinary kitchen spoon on a mushroom to collectits spores. Do you have the glimmercap spores?

Player: yes

Nilsor: Thank you for this ingredient.

Player: mission

Nilsor: Thank you. Now I have all necessary ingredients. As a reward I grant you the use of our dog sled, which is located to the east of here. ...

Nilsor: The dogs can be a bit moody, but if you always carry some ham with you there shouldn't be any problems. Oh, and Hjaern might have a mission for you. So maybe you go and talk to him.

Hjaern, second part:

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Hjaern: There is indeed an important mission. For a long time, the spirits have been worried and have

called us for help. It seems that some of our dead have not reached the happy hunting grounds of after life ...

Hjaern: Everything we were able to find out leads to a place where none of our people is allowed to

go. Just like we would never allow a stranger to go to that place ...

Hjaern: But you, you are different. You are not one of our people, yet you have proven worthy to be

one us. You are special, the child of two worlds ...

Hjaern: We will grant you permission to travel to that isle of Helheim. Our legends say that this is the entrance to the dark world. The dark world is the place where the evil and lost souls roam in eternal torment ...

Hjaern: There you find for sure the cause for the unrest of the spirits. Find someone in Svargrond who can give you a passage to Helheim and seek for the cause. Are you willing to do that?

Player: yes

Hjaern: This is good news. As I explained, travel to Helheim, seek the reason for the unrest there and then report to me about your mission.

Player: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Hjaern: There is no need to report about your mission. To be honest, I've sent a divination spirit with you as well as a couple of destruction spirits that were unleashed when you approached the altar ...

Hjaern: Forgive me my secrecy but you are not familiar with the spirits and you might have get frightened. The spirits are at work now, destroying the magic with that those evil creatures have polluted Helheim ...

Hjaern: I can't thank you enough for what you have done for the spirits of my people. Still I have to

ask: Would you do us another favour?

Player: yes

Hjaern: Thank you my friend. The local representative of the explorer's society has asked for our help ...

Hjaern: You know their ways better than my people do and are probably best suited to represent us in this matter. Search for Lurik and talk to him about aprobable mission he might have for you.

Player: hi

Lurik: Welcome, Player!

Player: mission

Lurik: You are the one who became an honorary barbarian! The one who made friends with the grim local

musher and helped the shamans of Nibelor! The one they call old bearhugg ... erm ... I mean indeed I

might have a mission for someone like you ...

Lurik: We are trying to find out what is happening in the raider camps. Through our connection to the

shamans we could get a covered contact in their majorcamp far to the south. We equipped our contact

with a memory crystal so he could report all he knew ...

Lurik: We need you to recover this crystal. Travel to the southern camp of the raiders and find our contact man there. Get the memory crystal and bring ithere. The society and the shamans will then decide our next steps. Do you think you can do this?

Player: yes

Lurik: Excellent. Just report about your mission when you got the memory crystal.

Nor part: Player: hi

Nor: Psst, not that loud.

Player: Memory crystal

Nor: Here, take the memory crystal and leave immediately.

Player: hi

Lurik: Welcome, Player!

Player: mission

Lurik: Have you retrieved the memory crystal?

Player: yes

Lurik: Ah, great. Please give me some time to evaluate the information. Then talk to me again about your mission.

Lurik, second mission:

Player: hi

Lurik: Welcome, Player!

Player: mission

Lurik: The information was quite useful. What worries me most are not the raiders but those that have driven them from the old mines...

Lurik: We need to investigate the mines. Most entrances collapsed due to the lack of maintenance but there should be some possibilities to get in ...

Lurik: In case you find a door, I'll tell you the old trick of the Carlin mining company to open it <whisper> <whisper>. Find some hint or someone who is willing to talk about what is going on there.

Player: bye

Lurik: Good bye. Come back soon with exciting stories about your travels.

Formorgar Mines 1: The Mission

Player: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: tylaf

Hjaern: You encountered the restless ghost of my apprentice Tylaf in the old mines? We must find out what has happened to him. I enable you to talk to his spirit ...

Hjaern: Talk to him and then report to me about your mission.

Player: bye

Hjaern: Good bye.

Formorgar Mines 2 & 3: Ghostwhisperer & The Secret

Player: hi

A Restless Soul: Ahhhh! At last someone that can listen to my story!

Player: story

A Restless Soul: I was captured and tortured to death by the cultists here. They worship a being that they call Ghazbaran ...

A Restless Soul: In his name they have claimed the mines and started to melt the ice to free an army of vile demons that have been frozen here for ages ...

A Restless Soul: Their plan is to create a new demon army for their master to conquer the world. Hjaern and the other shamans must learn about it! Hurry before it's too late.

Player: bye

Player: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Hjaern: These are alarming news and we have to act immediately. Take this spirit charm of cold. Travel to the mines and find four special obelisks to mark them with the charm ...

Hjaern: I can feel their resonance in the spirits' world but we can't reach them with our magic yet. They have to get into contact with us in a spiritual way first ...

Hjaern: This will help us to concentrate all our frost magic on this place. I am sure this will prevent to melt any significant number of demons from the ice ...

Hjaern: Report about your mission when you are done. Then we can begin with the great ritual of summoning the children of Chyll ...

Hjaern: I will also inform Lurik about the events. Now go, fast!

Player: bye

Hjaern: Good bye.

Formorgar Mines 4: Retaliation

Player: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted.

Player: mission

Hjaern: Yes, I can feel it! The spirits are in touch with the obelisks. We will begin to channel a spell of ice on the caves. That will prevent the melting of the ice there ...

Hjaern: If you would like to help us, you can turn in frostheart shards from now on. We use them to fuel our spell with the power of ice. ...

Hjaern: Oh, and before I forget it - since you have done a lot to help us and spent such a long time in this everlasting winter, I have a special present for you. ...

Hjaern: Take this outfit to keep your warm during your travels in this frozen realm!

Player: bye

Hjaern: Good bye.

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