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The Ape City Quest

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Also known as: Banuta Quest, Ape Quest, Monkey Quest, King Bong Quest, Big Bong Quest
Reward: Habilidad para comprar bananas, Monkey Statue (No Hearing) Monkey Statue (No Seeing) y Monkey Statue (No Speaking), Shaman Outfits y acceso para ir a Forbidden Lands.
Location: Varios; empiezas en Tiquanda
Level required: 0
Premium required: si
Be prepared to face: Dworcs, Apes, Lizards, Spit Nettles, Skeletons, Ghouls, Fire Devil, Scarabs, Carniphilas, Gargoyles, Stone Golems, Bonelords, Green Djinns, Crypt Shamblers, Demon Skeletons, Elder Bonelords, Efreets, Bonebeasts, Giant Spiders, Serpent Spawns, Hydras, Behemoths, etc.
Legend: The reknown merlkin named Hairycles is trying to find true friends amongst the humans. To prove you are a true friend, you must help the ape people.
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