Location Editar

Thais swamp is located north of Thais, west of the entrance of Mount Sternum, here.

Inside, there are five rooms.
The upper room contains one bonelord, as does the lower room. The right room has one ghoul. To the left is Lugri. The central room is usually empty, though the bonelords and ghoul are known to congregate here (usually lured to the ladder by unwary adventurers).

Tactics Editar

When you arrive at the hole, go down and take a quick look without moving from the ladder-square and go up again.

  • If you did see more than one monster in the central room (excluding Skeletons, of course), watch out and carefully kill the ghoul first, if possible, as it will hit a lot through your armor.
  • If you didn't see any monsters:
    • Go to the right and kill the ghoul first. Note that it's immune to Earth damage.
    • Go to the upper room and kill the bonelord there. Chase the bonelord; this way, it will have to run away from you. If you close in on it, he will use more melee attacks than magic attacks.
    • Go to the lower room and do the same as written above.

Creatures Editar

Ghoul Ghoul 85 100 450/450 0-30 gp, Rotten Piece of Cloth, Torch, 0-2 Worms, Ghoul Snack (semi-rare), Brown Piece of Cloth (rare), Pile of Grave Earth (rare), Scale Armor (rare), Viking Helmet (rare), Knife (very rare), Life Ring (very rare), Skull (very rare).
Bonelord Bonelord 170 260 --/-- 0-60 gp, Small Flask of Eyedrops, Longsword, Morning Star, Spellbook, Steel Shield (semi-rare), Two Handed Sword (semi-rare), Mana Potion (rare), Bonelord Eye (very rare), Terra Rod (rare), Bonelord Shield (very rare).

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