Sword of Fury Editar

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On a tiny island to the north-west of the Rookgaard town (here), there lies a Spike Sword called the Sword of Fury. Players are able to make it disappear by walking on switches hidden in the ground, but nobody has ever managed to capture it. The sign standing next to the island says 'Only the humble one may touch the Sword Of Fury'. It is rumoured that after making the sword disappear, it spawns somewhere else on the island. Some believe it has connection with a hidden lever in the Tom's shop.

Maze of Fury Editar

A sign saying 'Maze of Fury' and a hole can be seen in a cave in the premium area of Rookgaard, but it is not possible to get there as there are stalagmites blocking the way and the entrance hole is covered with unmoveable stones. Some say it has relation with the Sword of Fury.

Mysterious minotaurs Editar

Archivo:Rookgaard minotaur.png

A book in the Minotaur Hell says the Minotaur Mage locked himself up. NPC Avar Tar claims this minotaur mage is frightened of him and that's why he has locked himself up in a room. Some say that it's a part of some unknown quest and assume it is possible to open the door. The Minotaur Mage is also rumoured to have a connection with the lonely minotaur standing on a rock near the Sword of Fury.

The mysterious Minotaur Mage should not be confused with Apprentice Sheng, a Minotaur Mage boss that also appears in the Minotaur Hell.

The Ghoul Editar

There are rumours that it is possible to get to the Ghoul in the Kendram Benson's grave.

The Blind Orc Editar

Some say the Blind Orc can forge iron into valuable items.

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