Helmets Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet Arm: 1 22.00 oz Apprentice Sheng, Goblin, Island Troll, Minotaur Mage, Smuggler, Troll.
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet Arm: 2 42.00 oz Bandit, Barbarian Bloodwalker, Gladiator, Orc Berserker, Orc Shaman, Sibang, Wild Warrior.
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet Arm: 2 24.50 oz Elf, Orc, Orc Rider, Orc Spearman, Primitive.
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet Arm: 3 27.00 oz Barbarian Skullhunter, Zombie, Hunter, Minotaur, Quara Constrictor Scout.
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet Arm: 4 39.00 oz Barbarian Headsplitter, Ghoul, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Skeleton, Sea Serpent.
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet Arm: 4 31.00 oz Lost Soul, Rottie the Rotworm.

Armors Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Coat Coat Arm: 1 27.00 oz Witch, Frost Troll.
Jacket Jacket Arm: 1 24.00 oz Munster.
Doublet Doublet Arm: 2 25.00 oz None.
Leather Armor Leather Armor Arm: 4 60.00 oz Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster, Goblin.
Studded Armor Studded Armor Arm: 5 71.00 oz Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Primitive.
Chain Armor Chain Armor Arm: 6 100.00 oz Barbarian Bloodwalker, Blood Crab, Diabolic Imp, Dwarf Soldier, General Murius, Lizard Sentinel, Minotaur, Minotaur Guard, Orc Berserker, Orc Shaman, Orc Warrior, Pirate Marauder, Quara Mantassin Scout, Valkyrie.

Legs Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Leather Legs Leather Legs Arm: 1 18.00 oz Apprentice Sheng, Bandit, Blightwalker, Dwarf, Minotaur Mage, Wild Warrior.
Studded Legs Studded Legs Arm: 2 26.00 oz Dwarf Geomancer, Orc Spearman.

Boots Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Sandals Sandals Arm: 0 6.00 oz Dark Monk, Elf Arcanist, Elf Scout, Monk.
Leather Boots Leather Boots Arm: 1 9.00 oz Dwarf Guard, Elf, Island Troll, Swamp Troll, Troll, Witch.

Shields Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield Def: 14 40.00 oz Frost Troll, Island Troll, Troll.
Studded Shield Studded Shield Def: 15 59.00 oz Orc, Primitive.
Brass Shield Brass Shield Def: 16 60.00 oz Bandit, Skeleton, Stalker, Wild Warrior.
Plate Shield Plate Shield Def: 17 65.00 oz Assassin, Cyclops, Elf, Gozzler, Minotaur, Mutated Rat, Orc Leader, Pirate Marauder, Tarantula, Tortoise, Werewolf.
Copper Shield Copper Shield Def: 19 63.00 oz Dwarf Soldier, Orc Warrior.

Axes Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By

{{Infobox_Item|List=List|GetValue= | name = Sickle | flavortext = | levelrequired = 0 | enchantable = no | itemclass = Weapons | primarytype = Axe Weapons | secondarytype = Tools | hands = One | type = Axe | attack = 5 | defense = 4 | weight = 10.50 | value = Negotiable | npcvalue = 3 | npcprice = 0 | npcvaluerook = 0 | npcpricerook = 8 | droppedby = Witch. | buyfrom = Obi (Rookgaard) 8 gp
Lee'Delle (Rookgaard) 7 [[ Sam thais 7 gp | sellto = Beatrice (Edron) 3 gp
Pompan (Farmine) 3 gp
H.L. (Outlaw Camp) 1 gp
Lee'Delle (Rookgaard) 2 gp
Obi (Rookgaard) 2 gp | notes = The weakest Axe Weapon, making it the most effective weapon for training the axe fighting skill. It can also be used to harvest sugar cane. As these can only be bought on Rookgaard or looted from a witch, they are hard to come by. After the summer update of 2007, the loot value increased on main due to the raised popularity of playing a knight. }}

Hand Axe Hand Axe Atk: 10, Def: 5 18.00 oz Troll, Island Troll.
Axe Axe Atk: 12, Def: 6 40.00 oz Orc, Dwarf, Minotaur, Wild Warrior, Bandit, Nomad.
Hatchet Hatchet Atk: 15, Def: 8 35.00 oz Skeleton, Minotaur Guard, Dwarf, The Horned Fox, Blightwalker.

Clubs Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Club Club Atk: 7, Def: 7 25.00 oz Munster.
Scythe Scythe Atk: 8, Def: 3 30.00 oz Blightwalker, Grim Reaper.
Studded Club Studded Club Atk: 9, Def: 8 35.00 oz Island Troll, Troll.
Bone Club Bone Club Atk: 12, Def: 8 39.00 oz Bonebeast, Gargoyle, Goblin, Munster, Necropharus, Pirate Skeleton.
Mace Mace Atk: 16, Def: 11 38.00 oz Bandit, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller, Dragon, Gang Member, Ghoul, Gladiator, Grand Mother Foulscale, Minotaur, Nomad, Novice of the Cult, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout, Rotworm, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe, Toad, Werewolf, Wild Warrior, Zombie.

Swords Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Knife Knife Atk: 5, Def: 5 4.20 oz Apprentice Sheng, Assassin, Barbarian Headsplitter, Barbarian Skullhunter, Ghoul, Undead Prospector, Smuggler.
Combat Knife Combat Knife Atk: 8, Def: 6 8.70 oz Ghost, Smuggler, Assassin.
Dagger Dagger Atk: 8, Def: 6 9.50 oz Amazon, Goblin, Priestess, Ron the Ripper.
Rapier Rapier Atk: 10, Def: 8 +1 15.00 oz Frost Troll.
Short Sword Short Sword Atk: 11, Def: 11 35.00 oz Cyclops, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Goblin, Lizard Templar, Pirate Skeleton, Smuggler.
Machete Machete Atk: 12, Def: 9 16.50 oz Orc Spearman.
Sabre Sabre Atk: 12, Def: 10 +1 25.00 oz Amazon, Orc, Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Corsair.
Sword Sword Atk: 14, Def: 12 +1 35.00 oz Hellfire Fighter, Lizard Templar, Minotaur, Pirate Skeleton, Rotworm, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler.
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword Atk: 15, Def: 13 +1 40.00 oz Grorlam, Stone Golem.
Katana Katana Atk: 16, Def: 12 +1 31.00 oz Vampire, Necromancer, Stalker.

Distance Weapons Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Spear Spear Atk: 25, Def: 0, stackable 20.00 oz Troll, Troll Champion, Swamp Troll, Frost Troll, Island Troll, Orc Spearman, Orc Shaman, Black Knight, Valkyrie, Lizard Sentinel, Pirate Marauder.
Bow Bow 31.00 oz Elf, Elf Scout, Poacher, Hunter, Hero.
Arrow Arrow Atk: 25, stackable 0.70 oz Elf, Elf Scout, Elf Arcanist, Poacher, Hunter, Hero, Scarab, Omruc, Troll Champion.
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow Atk: 22, stackable 0.80 oz Dworc Venomsniper, Elf Scout, Omruc, Giant Spider, Hunter, Necromancer, Poacher.
Small Stone Small Stone Atk: 5, Def: 0, stackable 3.60 oz Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Goblin Scavenger, Frost Giantess, Stone Golem, Sibang, Gargoyle, Grorlam, Earth Elemental, Massive Earth Elemental, Jagged Earth Elemental.
Snowball Snowball Atk: 0, Def: 0, stackable 0.80 oz Yeti, Grynch Clan Goblin.

Amulets Editar

Name Trans Attributes Weight Dropped By
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet 5.00 oz Troll, Mutated Human, Banshee, Mummy, Island Troll, Adept of the Cult, Energy Elemental, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Ushuriel.

Bronze Amulet Bronze Amulet 5.00 oz Dworc Voodoomaster, Grynch Clan Goblin, Minotaur, Vampire.

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