Paradox Tower
Ruled by: Riddler
Population: 1
Organizations: None
Local Hunting Places Local Quests
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The Paradox Tower is a curious place near Kazordoon. It was built by a man who wanted to become a god. Some say he was the apprentice of the great necromancer, Goshnar. He spent the greater part of his life trying to find a way to cheat death. He was unable to prevent his body from dying, but he now lives on as a ghost in this tower. From there he taunts adventurers with the promise of great riches, but he has secured his valuables behind many different riddles and puzzles. Even the entrance to the tower is a puzzle. Back in the days there used to be Durin's grave on this spot.

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See also: Paradox Tower Quest.

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Paradox Tower NPCs Editar

Name Trans Job Buy/Sell Location
Riddler Riddler Guardian of the Paradox Tower no Paradox Tower