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Pair of Soft Boots

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Pair of Soft Boots
This item is in the Body Equipment class
Pair of Soft Boots
Attributes: Arm:0, Faster Regeneration
Weight: 8.00 oz.
Loot value: 180,000 - 800,000 gp.
Dropped by: None.
Buy from: Players.
Sell to: Players.
Notes: Semi rare, and the most wanted boots. These boots increase your Mana and Hitpoints Regeneration for 240 minutes (4 hours) by the rate of 3 HP and 12 MP per 6 seconds (0.5 HP and 2 MP / sec), which means they recover 28800 MP and 7200 HP in total (for all vocations).
HP (using SB)72007200720072007200720072007200
MP (using SB)2880028800288002880028800288002880028800
HP (eating)12001200120012002400360018002400
MP (eating)9600144009600144004800480072009600
HP (Food+SB)840084008400840096001080090009600
MP (Food+SB)3840043200384004320033600336003600038400
When a promoted mage is using Soft Boots and regenerating Mana by eating Food at the same time, (s)he can make 129 SD's, 324 GFB's or Avalanche's, 470 Icicles, 108 UHs or 1230 HMMs during the 4 hours that the boots last. This is profitable for Druids making Icicles, taking into consideration boots' recharging cost. It can also profitable for Sorcerers to make SDs, depending on the SD price on the server. This provides a cost effective way of mana training. A promoted Paladin can make a total of 109 Enchanted Spears if (s)he is eating while using Soft Boots. Knights also use these when they hunt weaker creatures, as they only need Spells to heal, or to reduce Mana Potion use when hunting stronger creatures, such as dragons and dragon lords or when blocking. When combined with life Ring or Ring of Healing, Soft Boots are more effective making runes or Enchanted Spears faster. Allowing these rings to be part of the payment, of course including at least the 10,000 gold pieces to repair them will allow you to mana train more effectively and allow a greater number of items to be created, using less time on your Soft Boots and more mana into your magic level.

A pair can be seen in Santa's House on Vega. Looks the same as the Boots of Waterwalking.
When the boots get completely used, they become a pair of Worn Soft Boots.
See the comparison table mp/gp for more information.



Obtained through the Pits of Inferno Quest.
Worn Soft Boots can be re-charged for a price of 10,000 gold pieces in Venore by the NPC Aldo.


See also: Items.
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