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This is a Premium account Quest
Important Icon.png Warning: This article may contain quest spoiling information for Oriental Outfits Quest. You may choose to show or hide this information.
Also known as: Turban addon quest, Jewelled belt addon quest, Veil addon quest
Reward: Addons for the Oriental Outfits Outfit Oriental Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Oriental Female Addon 3.gif
Location: Razan, Habdel(male)/Ishina, Miraia(female), (Darashia)
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Quaras, Massive Water Elementals, Thul, Apes, Blue Djinns and Necromancers.
Legend: This comfortable, yet fashionable outfit will create the romantic mood of thousand and one nights. A good place to look around for addons are naturally Darama and Ankrahmun.
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The Oriental Outfits can be selected by any Premium Account player. Only the addons are included in this quest.

Scimitar (male)/Jewelled Belt (female)

Archivo:Outfit Oriental Male Addon 1.gif Archivo:Outfit Oriental Female Addon 1.gif

Required Equipment


  • Males must talk to Habdel in Darashia (here). and ask him about his "outfit". He will tell you that he can make one for you, but only if you do him a favor and get a Coral Comb for him to give to Ishina.
  • Females must talk to Ishina in Darashia (here). and ask her about her "outfit". She will tell you that she can make a belt for you, but you must first bring her a Coral Comb.

NOTE : Pay attention that you take this mission correctly (Check your quest log) or else, you won't be able to enter the room with the Coral Comb.

  • Travel to Meriana (need to complete the Eleonore Quest to go there) and talk to the mermaid Marina.
  • Ask her about a "comb". She will tell you that she does not have an extra comb, and that she lost hers while diving near Calassa.
  • Now go to Liberty Bay, and talk to Captain Max in the boat east of the main boat. Say "Calassa"

NOTE : be sure you are well prepared to face this mission, it is a very difficult path to walk for the treasure room.

Archivo:Mermaid's Comb 1.png

Archivo:Mermaid's Comb 2.png
Archivo:Mermaid's Comb 3.png

NOTE: Instead of going to Calassa you can just buy the Coral Comb to other players, but remember that after you get the addon, you will be unable to pick your coral comb.


Player: Hi
Habdel: Welcome player! See the fine weapons I sell.
Player: Outfit
Habdel: My scimitar? Yes, that is a true masterpiece. Of course I could make one for you, but I have a small request. Would you fulfil a task for me?
Player: Yes
Habdel: Listen, um... I know that Ishina has been wanting a comb for a long time... not just any comb, but a mermaid's comb. She said it prevents split ends... or something. ...
Habdel: Do you think you could get one for me so I can give it to her? I really would appreciate it.
Player: Yes
Habdel: Brilliant! I will wait for you to return with a mermaid's comb then.

Marina: Oh, hello. A visitor, how nice!
Marina: Sorry, I don't have a spare comb. I lost my favourite one when diving around in Calassa.

Habdel: Welcome player! See the fine weapons I sell.
Habdel: Have you brought a mermaid's comb for Ishina?
Habdel: Yeah! That's it! I can't wait to give it to her! Oh - but first, I'll fulfil my promise: Here is your scimitar! Thanks again!

Turban (male)

Archivo:Outfit Oriental Male Addon 2.gif

Required Equipment



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Veil (female)

Archivo:Outfit Oriental Female Addon 2.gif

Required Equipment


  • Talk to Miraia , she sells drinks in south of Darashia and ask her about outfit


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