Frost Dragon
Near City: Svargrond
Location: South-east of Hrodmir, here.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Knights: 90 Attk: 85 85 :Shield
Paladins: 80 Dist: 85 65 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 110 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly


Very Good



Maps and Pictures
See also: Hunting Places.

Okolnir is a small island to the south-east of Hrodmir. It is accessible with the ship service of Buddel for 50 gp. Okolnir is the only Ice Island with geysers above ground.
Tyrsung and Okolnir broke apart from the main island because of a deep ocean trench where two oceanic crusts diverge. It is said that only players with level 120 and above can make profit on Okolnir. There used to be Dragons on Okolnir too, but after the Frost Dragon Hatchlings were introduced, no Dragons spawn here anymore.

Penguin Penguin 1 33 290/290 0-2 Fish (semi-rare), Green Perch (rare), Rainbow Trout (rare), Northern Pike (rare).
Frost Dragon Hatchling Frost Dragon Hatchling 745 800 --/-- 0-55 gp, Dragon Ham, Frosty Heart (semi-rare), Spellbook of Enlightenment (rare) , Health Potion (rare).
Frost Dragon Frost Dragon 2100 1800 --/-- 0-250 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Gemmed Book, Golden Mug, Small Sapphire, Ice Cube, 0-6 Power Bolt, Energy Ring, Green Mushroom, Strange Helmet (rare), Ice Rapier (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Shard (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare).

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