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Minotaur Hell is a cavern far below Rookgaard. As the name suggests it is a Minotaur nest which has caused death after death. The Minotaur Hell Quest can be found here.

Further, there is a Minotaur Mage visible in a room west of Minotaur Hell. Nobody knows how to reach him and there are no possible leads. This minotaur mage is probably originated from the hidden minotaur town called Mintwallin. There is even a book (Mystic Portal (Book)) regarded to that on the table of the Minotaur Hell.

Since the Christmas Update 2006 a boss creature called Apprentice Sheng has also been spotted in Minotaur Hell.

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  • You appear where the "star" mark on the map is and need to go to where the downward green triangle is.
  1. Crossing the level 2 bridge go north until you reach a ruined building, and walk down the hole. There are Trolls and Rats on the new floor.
  2. Continue north-east, until the green mark, and fall down the hole. On the new floor you will meet a few Orcs.
  3. Walk north, and take the first turn to the right and the first to the left, continue until you reach the hole and jump in. There will be Orcs, Wolves and possibly lured Minotaurs in the maze.
  4. Cross the maze. (It's quite easy to find the way) In the way north part of the maze there is a hole. (Beware of the Minotaurs that spawn down there). Try to find a safe spot where only one hits you at a time.
  5. Go south-east following the eastern wall until you find another hole. Take a deep breath and try to enter Mino hell.

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