Mill (also called "Game of Merels", "Game of Merreles", or "Nine Men's Morris") is a game of strategy for 2 players that can be played in the Game Rooms in Carlin, Edron, Kazordoon, Thais, and Yalahar.

The goal of this game is to remove all of your opponent's game tokens from the board by arranging "Mills" (three of your tokens in a row).
One player will be White, the other player will be Black.
The game begins with an empty board.
Players take turns placing one of their game tokens on an unoccupied space on the board.
When a player creates a "mill" (three of their game tokens in a row along a line), then they choose one of their opponent's tokens to remove from play. A token that is removed cannot be played again.
When both players have placed all of their game tokens, they continue play by moving tokens on the board.
Some variations allow you to move only one space along lines on the board, but other variations allow you to move any piece to any unoccupied space. This must be decided before starting the game.
Gameplay continues until one player has fewer than 3 tokens on the board. At this point they are not able to create any more "mills"
The player with the most tokens on the board at the end of the game wins.

For a complete set of rules and more information, see Wikipedia's article on Nine Men's Morris.

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