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Melchior.gif PNJ Melchior
Ubicación: Wandering the streets in Ankrahmun
Ocupación: Blind Beggar
Notas: Melchior was blinded by the djinns because of his greed. He has a great story to tell.

His story:

Melchior: While my eyes were still of use to me I worked as a trader. I was not too successful, so I started looking for alternatives. Remembering some old nomad legends I went toexplore the Kha'zeel. If only I'd never done that! ...

Melchior: After many days I met a weird creature - it was humanoid, but it was also much larger than any man, and it seemed to be only half-solid in a way. ...

Melchior: I was scared, but I remembered my grandfather's stories and I hailed the creature using the traditional djinn word of greeting. ...

Melchior: It worked. I managed to engage the djinn - for it was one sure enough - in a conversation. In fact, I even managed to come to an agreement with it. The djinns living thereneeded supplies, and I promised I would bring them some. ...

Melchior: A highly profitable business relationship ensued. Unfortunately, my greed grew every day, and it clouded my sense of judgement. ...

Melchior: Hearing that there was a second djinn fortress I travelled there. Those djinn, who called themselves the Marid, were friendly enough, and soon I traded with them as well. ...

Melchior: Unfortunately, it did not take the other djinn tribe, the Efreet, long to find out what I was up to. ...

Melchior: The Efreets' punishment was cruel: They blinded me and left me in the Kha'labal to die of thirst and exhaustion as food for the scarabs. But that was a favour I could not dothem. ...

Melchior: I desperately struggled on and finally I was picked up by a caravan. They took me here, and now I am sort of stuck here in this city of the half-dead.

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