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Also known as: Mad Mage Quest, Hat of the Mad Quest, Skull Room Quest
Reward: Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet and Star Amulet in Quest boxes. Silver Dagger and some Mana Potions spawn in another chest in this room.
Location: Thais Ancient Temple
Level required: 40
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Dragons, Demon Skeletons, Giant Spiders, Bonelord, Skeletons
Legend: The Mad Mage summoned more monsters than he could handle.
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Required EquipmentEditar


  • The first thing you need to do is go to the Prison in Mintwallin and talk to A Prisoner, to get the key to his room, you need to go to the barracks, south of Markwin. You then need to give 7 apples to A Prisoner to change them for the key to the quest room.
  • Ask him for the riddle, the answer to this riddle can be found in a book in the mad mage room (in a bookcase to the north-east). You need to give the correct order in which a Knight, Druid, Paladin and Sorcerer can cross a bridge when being hunted by orcs. The correct answer is "PD-D-KS-P-PD". You receive silver Key 3666 after giving the apples.
  • This is the path to the Mad Mage room from the surface. You will walk past this room on your way to Mintwallin.
  • Go to the Ancient Temple, north of Thais (here).
  • Go down two levels, and head as far north as you can go.
  • Go down to the level with the Rotworms.
  • Follow this path to the east and south, and go down the ladder:

Route Mintwallin 1.png

  • On this level, there will be a lot of Poison Fields. You can either run through them and then use Antidote, or you can use Destroy Field to clear a path.
  • Go down another level.
  • Follow this path to the east and north. Be careful of Minotaurs. Go down the hole that is circled on the map. You will face a couple Cyclopes down this hole:

Route Mintwallin 2.png

  • Head south down the left most passage. Go up the hole to a small room and up again to another room. Here go to the end of this passage and down the hole to a small room and down again:

Route Mintwallin 3.png

  • Head south then west then north then take a right heading towards the level door.

Archivo:Mad Mage Room Quest Map 04.png

Mad Mage Room Quest Map 05.jpg

  • Once you are through the door, go up the ladder and face 3 Demon Skeletons. The rewards are in chests in this room.


Player: hi
A Prisoner: Huh? What? I can see! Wow! A non-mino. Did they capture you as well?
Player: riddle
A Prisoner: Great riddle, isn´t it? If you can tell me the correct answer, I will give you something. Hehehe!
Player: PD-D-KS-P-PD
A Prisoner: Hurray! For that I will give you my key for - hmm - let´s say ... some apples. Interested?
Player: yes
A Prisoner: Mnjam - excellent apples. Now - about that key. You are sure want it?
Player: yes
A Prisoner: Really, really?
Player: yes
A Prisoner: Really, really, really, really?
Player: yes
A Prisoner: Then take it and get happy - or die, hehe.
Player: bye
A Prisoner: Good bye! Don't forget about the secrets of mathemagics.

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