Silver Key Key 3350
Also Known As:
Item Class: Silver Key
Weight: 1.0 oz.
Notes: A key to the upper floors of Isle of the Kings. Be wary, however, if you choose to go to the forbidden part of the monastery you will not be able to leave the island unless paying a certain amount of gold, based on your level.

Found in a Bookcase in the room of Costello here.

The text given with the Key :I have to hide that key better. One of that greedy adventurers that came here seemingly out of nowhere and refused to tell me how he got here stole it and disturbed the contemplation of the brothers upstairs. Gladly they could defeat him. When will those people learn some respect. How could they think there would anything valuable? The next intruders will pay a bitter price for such an act of evil!

See: Entire List of Keys.

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