Hugo is the name of a immensely feared and powerful demon-bunny. It is commonly believed that Hugo, a rabbit, got into a magical accident during some ritual.

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Yenny the Gentle, leader of a druidic order, Crunors Caress, founded her order in Carlin but moved to north-east of Thais. Their home was called Crunors Cottage but was later converted into the present day shop, owned by Lubo.

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Hugo was captured by the Nightmare Knights and tricked into the dungeons where he is used in part of the Dream Challenge test for new recruits.

"At last we trapped Hugo in the dungeon cellars! The beast killed two dozens of our members in the wild chase. After a painfull and long hunt our mages occupied Hugo with some summoned dragons that distracted him long enough to prepare the trap. As Hugo followed the 'track' we laid for him our druids trapped him with plant barriers and moved the earth around him. Now the beast is trapped and may Fardos, Uman and Banor give that we can keep him satiated and harmless, using the trick the druids figured out. Our aspirants will have a hard time to pass the test of Hugo, that was created around that beast." - from books.

see also: Hugo

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