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Also known as: Life Crystal Quest
Reward: Exchange Life Crystal for Life Ring
Location: Thais
Level required: 0
Premium required: No
Be prepared to face: Monks, Dark Monks, Fernfang, Banshees, Dragons, Dragon Lords, Elf Arcanists, Hydras, Lizard Snakecharmers, Serpent Spawns, Quara Pincher Scouts or Frost Dragons to get Life Crystals, you can also buy them from other players.
Legend: ...
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Life Crystals can be traded for Life Rings at the NPC Chester Kahs in Thais.

To trade a Life Crystal for a Life Ring, say 'hi' to this NPC, then tell him that Gamel is a rebel. Confirm your accusation with a 'yes'. Then tell Chester what Gamel needs the Life Crystal for: He wants to obtain a magic crystal so that Lugri can cast a deathcurse, and finally say 'yes' to give the Life Crystal.

Note that you are able to do this multiple times.

When you ask him to heal, he takes back one of your Life Rings.

Transcripts Editar

Player: Hi
Chester Kahs: Salutations, stranger.
Player: Gamel rebel
Chester Kahs: Are you saying that Gamel is a member of the rebellion?
Player: Yes
Chester Kahs: Do you know what his plans are about?
Player: Magic crystal Lugri deathcurse
Chester Kahs: That is terrible! Will you give me the crystal?
Player: Yes
Chester Kahs: Thank you! Take this ring. If you ever need some healing, come here, bring me the ring and ask me to 'heal' you.
Player: Bye
Chester Kahs: Take care out there!

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