Some major cities have Game Rooms where players can find a friendly distraction from their normal routines and engage in a competition of skill, intellect or strategy by playing various Games.

Different cities have different game boards and arenas for competing in various ways with another player.

Most Game Rooms will also have a Tavern or Pub (with or without NPC) nearby where you can purchase something to drink while you play a game, or watch other players compete with eachother.

Ankrahmun Editar

Ankrahmun has a set of arenas for:

Carlin Editar

It is located in the northwest of Carlin, near the wall in a park inside the city.

In Carlin, there are game boards and tokens for playing:

Edron Editar

The game rooms in Edron are located under the castle.

In Edron, there are game boards and tokens for playing:

Kazordoon Editar

The Kazordoon game rooms are located near the Temple.

In Kazordoon, there are game boards and tokens for playing:

South-west of the Depot, there is also an arena for:

Mintwallin Editar

In the castle in Mintwallin, there is a board and tokens for playing Tic Tac Toe.

Watch out for Minotaurs! They don't seem to play fair!

Thais Editar

The Game rooms in Thais are underground east of the depot (here).

In Thais, there are game boards and tokens for playing:

There is also an arena at the knights guild upstairs and a bit to the east for:

Venore Editar

Under the main Depot in Venore, there are numerous arenas for:

  • Sparring (there is a distance pit and a free fight pit which can be used for melee fights)
  • Wrestling (a real pit in which you can fall down trapdoors)

Above the main depot, there is a small track for staging and betting on Dog Racing between Lightfoot and Dustrunner.

Yalahar Editar

It is located in north-central Yalahar, above the Yalahari building.

In Yalahar, there are game boards and tokens for playing:

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