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Also known as: DC Quest
Reward: Brown Bread, Wine, Certificate of Completion of the Dreamer's Challenge, Ability to teleport to many locations throughout Tibia, Membership in either the Nightmare Knights or the Brotherhood of Bones (you must choose only one), and, depending on your choice, the ability to get a Nightmare Shield or a Necromancer Shield and Nightmare Outfits or Brotherhood Outfits.
Outfit Nightmare Knights Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Nightmare Knights Female Addon 3.gif Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Female Addon 3.gif
Location: Abandoned Monastery and under Plains of Havoc in Dream Realm
Level required: 0
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Demon Skeletons, Cyclopses, Ghoul, possibly a lured Giant Spider or Dragon on the way to there, Magicthrowers, Shredderthrowers, Plaguethrowers and Flamethrowers inside the quest.
Legend: In order to join the ranks of the Nightmare Knights or the Brotherhood of Bones, you must pass the dream challenge to prove that you are worthy. You have to slay a lot of demons to prove that you are worthy, though.
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