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This list describes commonly used containers in relation to their weight and capacity, usually described as Vol. (volume) in item descriptions.

The previously mentioned list is mean to be used to calculate the most apropiate containers to use for hunting or general storage.

Oz to Slot comparison Editar

Name Weight (oz) Slots Oz/Slot (oz) Price ~(gp) Notes
Backpack Backpack 18.00 20 0.9 15 -
Crown Backpack Crown Backpack 17.00 20 0.85 800 -
Dragon Backpack Dragon Backpack 17.00 20 0.85 200 -
Santa Backpack Santa Backpack 16.50 20 0.825 15,000 -
Jewelled Backpack Jewelled Backpack 17.00 22 0.772 5,000 -
Backpack of Holding Backpack of Holding 15.00 24 0.625 30,000 -
Minotaur Backpack Minotaur Backpack 18.50 20 0.925 200 -
Bag Bag 8.00 8 1.0 5 -
Parcel Parcel 18.00 10 1.8 20 -
Key Ring Key Ring 0.50 20 0.025 - No longer in-game.

For this table take in consideration that:

  • Expensive containers are useless as lootbags, and as such, you are recommended to use only a combination of Bags, Backpacks and Parcels to make them.

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